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black sequin tunic foto

next week, the MCA is sponsoring Bowie Ball, in honor of David Bowie, at Berlin. i have already started to put together outfits that i could potentially wear to this promising party. looking the best isn’t the point, and i’m not going to recreate a Bowie costume, but being sparkly and glam should be enough. i might also be tasked with dressing my friends and co-workers, but i think there are enough sequins in my closet for everybody.

omigod — sudden realization that i might have to put eye makeup on mon petit ami. yeahhhh

this get-up is actually kind of demure, but it’s almost entirely sequins. the ankle strap mules are velvet, which has a luster to it, and the vintage python clutch has a dark glitter to its scales. the silver pants are by Twenty Cluny, a design group ¬†that really shines when it comes to the sequined stuff. the oversize tunic is vintage by Royal Feelings, made in India in the 80s.

as if that wasn’t enough glam, i threw on a long rope of mixed pearls, a pearl-and-acrylic cuff, and beaded hoop earrings. based on reading the above paragraph, you’d think i come off like Vanna White or one of the Ab Fab ladies, but it’s actually so chill and slouchy. (the cap of hair and lack of cleavage might be key to making this look minimalist-90s as opposed to maximalist-80s or even decadent-70s…. which means i need to keep experimenting until the party.

Shua sent along a couple angled shots of the silver pants, so you could see how the paint glimmers on the page. i actually love the way the lens focuses with an angled image. i also love the lavender wash in the background, which makes the silver and black pop. it’s more interesting than matte white, and helps balance the pose.

really excited for the dressing up and dancing on NYE and at Berlin. send me any suggestions you might have regarding Bowie-appropriate dressing!

AZ goes to Azeeza Khan

az phillip lim stand

Kneeling Glitter Dress



now that i am nearly caught up to August, here is what i wore to one of the most glam events of my humble season. Azeeza Khan had a very posh and well-attended fashion show in a Randolph studio, and my wonderful, darling friend Isa of Chicago Looks ( brought me as her guest.

there were very cute (as in miniature) hors d’oeuvres passed around, as well as an open bar. stylish people were in abundance, naturally, including Cori McFadden and Mario Tricoci. peppy Refinery 29 journalists were in abundance, because they were kind of running the show. until i got there, i did not realize how much my Phillip Lim dress would resonate with the highly-sequined frocks designed by Ms. Khan.

the illustrations that head this article are actually from a years-earlier post, back near the inception of this blog, but it’s not a dress that often has an occasion for wear. in that watercolor, i am wearing Miu Miu pumps, but for Azeeza’s show, i swapped them out for antique velvet mules that my little brother bought for me when we were 11 and 12 years old. they have a scalloped toe box and a rhinestone ankle strap. the heel is covered in satin. to think that we found them in a basement sale on Irving Park and Austin. (we used to walk to the Patio Theater from our house on Riis Park.)

somewhere i have a drawing that i did of Isa in her one-shouldered dress, from the evening of the runway show. that would make for a great follow-up post.