vintage pink

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d+B purse

as seen in my Pitchfork Day 1 post from earlier this year, here again is my vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. i’ve never been into their logo-tastic phase, but this vintage edition is so charming, especially in soft baby pink leather. the adjustable belt handles and the goldtone fob are a great touch. (my friend Rita also has a vintage Dooney&Bourke bag that is just to die for. it has the hugest tooled medallion i have ever seen.)

Shua and i agreed that this very special handbag deserved a post of its own, so here we are. one of the great things about it was finding it randomly at the Village Discount on Roscoe, before brunch at Victory’s Banner. i don’t usually find anything so covetable there, at least not lately, what with all the Buffalo Exchanges and Crossroads and Etsy and various online resale sites.

honestly, though, i need to find a better home for it, because i never carry this extra-adorable purse. it’s just too girly for me, but it is so well made it’s impossible to give away. (that’s just me being selfish.)

versace versus american apparel

GreenSkirtMagentaPumps sm copy IMG_1448

how to do J.Crew better than J.Crew. i figured it out!

start with an amazingly sexy pencil skirt in a cray-cray pattern. this one is Versus Versace with a high thigh-slit and a knotted waist. the fluorescent and seaweed tones turn into flames licking at your hips. (i’m wearing this in a post from the springtime, too. it’s a great skirt.)

then add a casual t-shirt. this one is basic black and white stripes, stolen from my dude’s closet. it’s a micro-knit with the perfect drape, and of course it looks better with the sleeves shoved up on the shoulder.

finish with vintage cut-away pumps (fuschia will do, but anything bright should work) and a non-matchy clutch. for example, amazing vintage python. (this one is beyond.)

why this works for me, i don’t know. there’s no fashion math going on…besides perhaps the scale of the patterns. skinny stripes, small white flames. the vintage accessories add interest, but don’t distract from the main dish, which is the skirt. also, that selma blair hair is fine, basic, easy.

finish with a power stance and you’re set!

AZ goes to Azeeza Khan

az phillip lim stand

Kneeling Glitter Dress



now that i am nearly caught up to August, here is what i wore to one of the most glam events of my humble season. Azeeza Khan had a very posh and well-attended fashion show in a Randolph studio, and my wonderful, darling friend Isa of Chicago Looks ( brought me as her guest.

there were very cute (as in miniature) hors d’oeuvres passed around, as well as an open bar. stylish people were in abundance, naturally, including Cori McFadden and Mario Tricoci. peppy Refinery 29 journalists were in abundance, because they were kind of running the show. until i got there, i did not realize how much my Phillip Lim dress would resonate with the highly-sequined frocks designed by Ms. Khan.

the illustrations that head this article are actually from a years-earlier post, back near the inception of this blog, but it’s not a dress that often has an occasion for wear. in that watercolor, i am wearing Miu Miu pumps, but for Azeeza’s show, i swapped them out for antique velvet mules that my little brother bought for me when we were 11 and 12 years old. they have a scalloped toe box and a rhinestone ankle strap. the heel is covered in satin. to think that we found them in a basement sale on Irving Park and Austin. (we used to walk to the Patio Theater from our house on Riis Park.)

somewhere i have a drawing that i did of Isa in her one-shouldered dress, from the evening of the runway show. that would make for a great follow-up post.

pitchfork day 3, eating ice cream street style


az p4k



clearly, by pitchfork day 3, i was not caring so much. even though this is the only outfit element that i bought at Buffalo Exchange and thought, “festival season here i come” it is actually pretty chill. it’s vintage, sure, but it’s essentially a beaded tee shirt. summer shorts (Joe’s) and some clear, plastic sandals (Vogue, through Urban Outfitters) and boom. the sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs and the bag is a repeat [Alexander Wang].

a bunch of roving photographers snapped pictures of the shoes or the purse, but i haven’t bothered to track down every blog. i thought that being shot for Chicago Magazine was pretty nice. i was also shot by Teen Vogue — and i did search that — but maybe i looked too old or un-trendy. not concerned. every day there were a bunch of folks that took my picture without permission; other asked my permission but had no credentials — it’s all good. we are at the fest to look and listen, otherwise we could stay home and make the most of our headphones. certainly though, everything sounds better while savoring an ice cream cone.

the last picture is courtesy of GlitterGuts, a local photobooth-and-party outfit run by my roommate and hometown hero, Eric Lab Rat. he had organized an afterparty at Beauty Bar that night, the umpteenth iteration of R. Kelly Bump n’ Grindcore. though we were footsore, G (yes, he’s wearing my tee shirt and black studded rings) and i made it by for a little extra dancing. the GlitterGuts R. Kelly party is always good vibes. the picture that Eric shot is my favorite of the whole weekend — it’s the one in which i look happiest and feel most beautiful.

p4k 2013 day 2, inducing whiplash

FashionIllCrowAZ037 sm


vintage pink brocade kimono from Jet Rag in LA, white silk ecoté tee, 3.1 Phillip Lim cuffed shorts, vintage rosette earrings, white H&M wedges

az p4k2013-SidewalkHustle

az p4k2013-SidewalkHustle2 p4k2013-Alanna

Pitchfork 2013


on the second day of pitchfork, i really went for it. nothing was trendy, exactly, but there was some flashbulb-bait involved. if you were going to play festival streetstyle bingo, the card would need squares for Crazy Sunglasses, Kimono, Fun Purse, and Seapunk Hair. (probably also Cowboy Boots, Booty Shorts, and Parasol, etc.)

because i haven’t figured out how to do links — which is really  poor manners on my part — i put the html underneath the respective photographs… except for the Chicago Tribune page. having our picture taken by Justin Barbin was a treat. he is adorable and super-friendly.

for the outfit, there are a few differences between the illustrated version and the festival photographs, based on practical decisions: karen walker fluoro sunnies, no earrings, (hello, navigating drunken crowds, clips will fall off) By Phillippe triple triangle necklace, chinese laundry d’orsay flats, and my alexander wang crossbody.

also, because i am a terrible person, i dressed my boyfriend. head to toe, everything he is wearing is mine, but because i dress like a garçonne, and because he is so beautiful, he looked quite natural. he was even shot for the FreePeople blog on his own. To quote the FP journalist, “This was my favorite look of all. So casual, so fashionable. White and navy and done!”

Gábor is wearing an H&M blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim drawstring trousers, and Chelsea Crew wingtips. The jewelry is vintage

Pitchfork-festival-fashion-boys-9 Pitchfork-festival-fashion-boy-necklace

Source: Pitchfork Festival Fashion: The Boys! | Free People Blog

how to turn heads at Pitchfork Fest 2013, day 1

Alana + Gabor_ PitchFork_1FashionIllCrowAZ036 sm copyIMG_1073

hiiiiii! this is a post i’ve been meaning to do for a long time. pitchfork fest was about three months ago! clearly, i’m not cut out for journalism. certainly, i’m not even going to talk about whatever bands i heard play that day….except Bjork, who surpasses the hype and is incredible and wonderful and it was such a treat to see her. that storm clouds called for an evacuation of the grounds still breaks my heart. Bjork is probably the most special performer i’ve ever seen at pitchfork, and hopefully she’ll return to chicago in the near future. i would link to video of her performance if i knew how to do that on wordpress.

anyway, more about me. based on the past couple years of festivals and media, i am absolutely aware that style bloggers and music journalists and personal tumblr-types are wandering the fairgrounds. each day of the fest, i was shot many times…. which does not necessarily mean that my outfit will get published on the internets. the cutting room floor is probably quite familiar with my face. still and all, there i am [in the top photo] with my phenomenal, delightful boyfriend, eating frozen kefir. (the icy treat was free, therefore i ate it every day.)

the dress itself is a vintage piece that aims for a jane birkin vibe. way, way back, i did an ode to her consistent love of white minidresses. i also did a post on this white lace dress, in its original, floor-length form. the morning of the fest, i very carefully — with a seam-ripper — detatched the section that fell below my thigh area. (to be blunt, the resulting garment was short enough that my brains could nearly have fallen out.) because i am not Sky Ferreira, (never have been, never will be, never wanted to be) a set a white undergarment, in grandma proportions, were involved.

so, beater boots to balance that out.

in retrospect, i realize that the dress would have been much more harmonious (and perhaps more bloggable) if paired with mist-colored lace up boots from Hasbeens and a highly-collectible, vintage, barely-pink Dooney & Bourkey bag. the pale accessories trend would be complete with nacreous frames.

there’s always next year.

chambray three way

ChambrayThreeWays sm IMG_0673



levi’s chambray shirt jacked from my dude’s closet. it’s bleached in spots and frayed at the sleeve and hem, but that makes it way better. the denim is super soft and breezy. sometimes i object to the americana aesthetic, but in this case, it’s so natural and easy and individualistic.

i feel like the words “individualistic” and “unique” get thrown around a lot, in relation to US jingoism and the marketing of denim, but somehow the estimation feels authentic. i’ve borrowed (read: stolen) a lot of jeans from boyfriends over the years, and the way they fit is always idiosyncratic to them. threadbare in certain spots, sagging in others, stained from use or paled from washing, the habits are embedded in a garment of such frequent use. carrying a cel phone or a pack of cigarettes in the back pocket will leave a certain imprint. the height of their knee demarcates the place where the bend to sit or kneel. wearing your partner’s clothes is always intimate, but wearing their jeans is a study in their physical poetry.

accordingly, in the third look, i am wearing Levi’s that were handed-down by an ex-bf. woven platform sandals by Lucky Brand and a vintage crocodile belt. very Texan tux.

the second look involves an H&M leather skirt with a sheer under-layer, a spiked Topshop headband, and Alexander Wang’s “Angela” bag. vintage beater boots, natch.

the first look also utilizes H&M — suede cheekies (barely visible beneath the untucked shirt) — and the Angela bag. the d’Orsay flats are by Chinese Laundry, and a TOTAL RIP of the Jenni Kayne style, but i love them.

i feel like extra credit should be given, for doing a different braid in each look.

common to the three styles is my new perfect necklace from By Phillipe. a little inverted crown, in light-weight gold, even though i’ve never appreciated yellow jewelry before. very optimistic and very summer.

a game of fire and ice

Blue Skirt Red Shoes smice blue vintage fotovintage blue dressice blue twinset foto


just kidding with that Game of Thrones reference. i’ll have to follow this up with a legit GoT post. this outfit looks way more MadMen. the title is in regard to the color of the suit — ice blue — and the flaming crimson of the Miu Miu courts. (what a fantastic color combination. too bad the lighting doesn’t do it justice.) my Botkier purse is also in on the game, a frosty, pearlescent leather. again, the Dior belt, and a deconstructed pearl necklace. there is a bit of a Jackie O. vibe with the red, white, and blue; this syncs up with the era of the garment, and the ladylike accessories.

the hand-made suit was a hand-me-down from my friend Mara, who bought it back in the early 1960s. the label is Teal Traina and the seams are beautiful. most contemporary garments — even the most expensive — often have slightly puckered seams, something at which my seamstress grandmother scoffed. (it really gives you a complex, because you’re looking at Lanvin or Gucci in a magazine and oh-my-goodness the seams aren’t perfect.) the pocket, set cleanly into a fold, is brilliant. the linings are sumptuous. the way the jacket stands out from the body is a little Balenciaga-esque. i don’t quite fill out the bust and that is the only problem.

everyday favorites

topshop:prada 4 topshop:prada 2 topshop:prada 3 topshop:prada 1 topshop:prada 5 topshop:prada photo


as you can see from the five illustrations, this was a hard look to nail. none of the images entirely achieve that quite-rightness. each page equals a lot of holding still, a lot of time, a lot of ink and mixing of colors, a lot of mixtapes cycling in the background. still, each drawing captures a facet of the idea; the softness of the sweater, the angularity of the leather, the blue of the little purse, the fold of the legs.

is anything sold? the thrust of fashion illustration is that it should sell a fantasy that exists beyond photography. if it isn’t more glamorous in being impressionistic, what does it accomplish? to this end, Shua and i are always practicing. how do we convey the most information and feeling with a sense of craft and economy? sometimes it doesn’t work, but unlike poetry, you still have a lot of neat drafts to show.

most of the garments here are pieces i wear every day, and were purchased in the last year. the petrol-finish doc martens have taken a beating, as has the little blue alexander wang purse (it’s just big enough to fit my sketchbooks, ten micron pens, earbuds — and it’s a cross-body). the topshop sweater, which is kind of ripping off balenciaga, gets worn once or twice a week. the prada skirt gets less rotation because the slits occur in 360 and go all the way to the waistband, which is risque even with opaque tights.

it might be a hard outfit to draw, but i would vouch for it in terms of how comfortable and true-to-self i feel in it. the boots are grounding but full of black rainbows, the skirt is avant but beautifully tailored, the sweater is futuristic in pattern but fisherman-comfortable. the bag is the right size and hands-free. everything is black and white, which — in chicago — makes me feel calm.

as always, if i don’t say it on the regular, Shua and i welcome your comments and criticism. if you feel like any of those illustrations pinned down the aesthetic, let us know. if you have an idea what we missed out on, pipe up. thanks for looking.


70s vanityleopard vanity foto


you will never catch me in zebra stripes, leopard print, cheetah print, giraffe print….it just doesn’t work for me. perhaps it is because the mammals with which i identify are long-haired, like foxes and wolves. i’m not cat-like. also, i don’t really do prints, snake — or something really eccentric — being the exception.

ugh. does that sound inconsistent?

i get really bored of looking at my own face on this blog. the concept is not to be all-about-me, or even a diary of my outfits. more important is trying to document the process and progress of the collaboration in which Josh becomes a better illustrator and i become a better stylist. i’m hoping to get more models and subjects for the site, and do some interviews, and practice more illustration. however, as someone who makes images — and i’ve been doing so all my life — i’ve always been the most available and willing subject. it’s not that i think i’m pretty (my face would be deemed “interesting” at best) but playing with fashion is fun.

clearly, i have a lot of vanity/shame issues to deal with.

anyway, part of what i meant to say was that i enjoy the opportunity to Not face the camera. most garments have their decorative heft at the front, but the best garments are engaging from every angle. this vintage dress is probably more action-packed than i would wear IRL, but the gray base is comforting, and the palette is still narrow — just peach, tangerine, black and white.

the stack of enamel animal bracelets are from my double-head bangle menagerie. shown: a white tiger, a bengal, and a giraffe. for a while, living in new orleans and working in a second hand store, this seemed like a neat thing to collect. the boots are zara. the fur wrap is vintage. the purse is botkier, in pearlescent leather. the mirror is from the salvation army near my house, and has the capability to switch between four light filters, all god-awful. i’m trying to learn about using makeup besides eyeliner and hairdos besides buns.