vintage pink

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d+B purse

as seen in my Pitchfork Day 1 post from earlier this year, here again is my vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. i’ve never been into their logo-tastic phase, but this vintage edition is so charming, especially in soft baby pink leather. the adjustable belt handles and the goldtone fob are a great touch. (my friend Rita also has a vintage Dooney&Bourke bag that is just to die for. it has the hugest tooled medallion i have ever seen.)

Shua and i agreed that this very special handbag deserved a post of its own, so here we are. one of the great things about it was finding it randomly at the Village Discount on Roscoe, before brunch at Victory’s Banner. i don’t usually find anything so covetable there, at least not lately, what with all the Buffalo Exchanges and Crossroads and Etsy and various online resale sites.

honestly, though, i need to find a better home for it, because i never carry this extra-adorable purse. it’s just too girly for me, but it is so well made it’s impossible to give away. (that’s just me being selfish.)


Pink Dress White Chair Iridescent Booties sm zac posen pink

zac posen pin

can’t imagine wearing this outfit anywhere, but that’s kinda the point. it began it’s life as a sweetly-designed and shockingly well-manufactured garment, then was sadly it was warped and shrunk after a round in the washing machine machine. the highlight of its use was swing dancing at Mimi’s in New Orleans. the skirt, which is not gathered or gored, but cut on the bias to employ as much material as possible, flared out fantastically. the back of the dress had angled caps that framed the shoulder blades. Zac Posen isn’t my style, but i have so much respect for his technique, and i’m amazed that he wrung such craft out of a collaboration with a mass retailer like Target.

pink polka dot dress by zac posen for target

iridescent disco wedge boots from H&M

clear vinyl collar from CyberDog in London