when does Game of Thrones return?

CapeAndSwordsm copy



answer: in about 96 days

emotional answer: not soon enough!

while closing up shop tonight, one of my favorite coworkers asked me when our rather geeky guilty pleasure comes back on air. i answered “some time in march?” and went on to detail the horrible events of the Red Wedding (which of course, he had already seen) and the disappointment of the season finale (platinum-blonde Khaleesi supported on the shoulders of a thousand brown people that she had quasi-pseudo “liberated”).

having not read the books (besides the first, which convinced me that the HBO show is in fact a better production than the books) i do not know what to expect from Season 4, and i’m very curious to see how the show will move on without Catelyn and Robb Stark, and with the other principals wandering ever farther apart. To think that Jon was so close to Bran, just outside the mill, without there being a reconciliation!

the outfit of this post is a medieval costume that got a lot of use while i was interested in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) reenactments. it’s a dense cotton velvet in alternating panes of burgundy and midnight, with braided gold trim. it is lined, but does not have a label, which leads me to believe that it was a much-beloved home-sewn costume.

i could not find my old torque, so i accessorized with a vintage brass and pearl medallion. the closest thing i had to appropriate shoes were Marc Jacobs driving mocs, which suggest something of a Saracen influence — i’m alluding to the European presence in the Arab world during the various Crusades. (a lot was improved in european culture based on what they learned about during the crusades, e.g. cotton, paper, chess, coffee, and lemons, spices, medicine, and math.)

the other accessories are my sword, which is a Spanish steel Excalibur replica, and my hooded velvet cape. my grandma Helen made the cape for me when i was 12. i was wild to have one, and i still love capes — the longer the better. (she had been a seamstress for the Russian Army during the second world war.) the fur shoulder piece is a vintage, rabbit, and removable. braids, because that is the one thing that every female character of GoT has in common.

Shua’s illustration is great because if you imagine the background is forest green, stone gray, or frigid white, it could easily be a character sketch for the show.

virgin queen by Dzine





august 3


today i got a free manicure at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their Homebodies exhibit. Dzine (government name Carlos Rolon) crafts “nail junk” and incorporates the tiny sculptures into ornate artwork for the finger. as part of the Homebodies exhibit, Rolon recreated his childhood living room, out of which his mother ran a business. it’s called Imperial Nail Salon, and it’s an installation piece that becomes interactive on two saturdays a month.

the day on which i scored an appointment, Chicago talent Astrowifey wielded bottles of lacquer, a tray of glue-on jewels, and a selection of pop-art and post-modern talons to create a custom treatment for my lucky fingers. i picked out the most gorgeous and romantic finger jewelry on the table, but i’ve included a few pics of the other excellent pieces i passed up.

even though i’m far from catholic, i loved the glossy rosary beads linking my ring finger to my pinkie. the bronze rose weighed a ton, but i felt like a virgin queen with pearls and crystals glued to every finger. the only challenge of this look was going directly to work afterwards, but i managed to get through the day …with a little extra style and grace.