hothouse flower






hiiii lovies! i’ve got Isa back on the blog. she’s wearing something that doesn’t really jibe with the current weather (which conspires to keep us all home and in bed) but it would be perfectly fresh and festive for a new years eve party. (although, Isa, if you’re reading this, please weigh in! what ARE you planning to wear for NYE parties this year?)

even though these aren’t colors i typically wear, i find this outfit absolutely enchanting and charming, and very in line with Isa’s ¬†buoyant personality. i think the blouse is Prabal Gurung X Target, and i love the sheer black panels. the simple cut lets the florals shine, but the garment isn’t overdesigned. the knife-pleated magenta skirt is a vibrant contrast with the limes and emeralds in the blouse. her sandals black and white, have a really cool angular design, with a turned heel and am ankle strap. the black and white acts as a tonic against the tropical palette.

there’s also some great accessories going on, in terms of lilac glasses and a shocking pink rubber watch. Isa’s high-piled hair reveals her purple cluster earrings. overall, the look is balanced — no need for a belt or cocktail rings.

in terms of the illustrations, Shua’s aims for a calm, quiet elegance. we included a photo with slightly more detail so you could see the quality of his lines. my illustration is somewhat out of focus, but you can still see that i was wowed by the energy of the colors. there’s a daisy de villenueve thing going on, with lots of attitude and angles.

rachel in gold


MetallicFloralPants sm copy


moron stroke: i forgot to take a photograph of the ever-camera-ready-Rizzo-Ford. we’ve got the two illustrations, one from me and one from Shua, but while Rachel was holding her pose it didn’t occur to me to reach for my iphone.

still, you get the idea. i layered my illustration between the Miu Miu gold leather jacket and the brocade Miu Miu trousers. the trousers don’t fit me anymore, and i basically bought them with too much wishful thinking.

Rizzo made a great model and she could hold her pose, no problem, and though this isn’t her everyday style, she pulls it off it with totally authenticity.

Chicago Looks

IMG_3658 IMG_1335 IMG_1474 IMG_1336


i am so excited to bring you my first post about someone who IS NOT ME! it feel great to present my very beloved friend Isa Giallorenzo, who runs the wonderful streetstyle blog Chicago Looks.

one of my favorite things about Isa is her sweetness and sense of humor. she’s very inclusive, encouraging, and energetic. almost always you can spot her wearing opalescent, violet, or pearly accessories. (in this particular photo, her bracelet is lucite and acrylic from B. Luxo in Sao Paolo, and her acrylic rose ring is from R. Sobral at the Museum of Contemporary Art Store.)

these photos are from the Atelier Azza party back in August, but Shua and i weren’t able to schedule an illustration session with Isa until a while later. we requested her to reprise the outfit, which is a star-strewn dress by Kate Young for Target with an Aldo clutch. you can’t see her shoes, but i remember them to be platforms. it just so happened that the beaded velvet curtains at Ms. Khan’s show create a visual rhyme with Isa’s dress. (another thing i just remembered — on this night i wore black and white too, which we didn’t plan out — so as you can see, we are very simpatico.)

drawing Isa was a delight, because she is so pleasant and conversationally engaging. even though she had to stand still, she was very interested in what Shua and i were doing across the room. i also appreciated the chance to use my markers. having more than one artist on a project also proves out the perspective element of life drawing. Shua’s watercolor has a stateliness and dignity that is sort of lost in my high school style doodle, but both deserve a space in fashion illustration.

i very much encourage you to check out Isa’s blog, which is about Real People style, and not about labels or class signifiers, which makes it very unique in the world of street style. it feels very CHICAGO neighborhood, and very warm.

check back here for more illustrations of Isa — and soon, other friends and muses!