lilac haze

Cardigan and Skirt sm Purple Dress fold rough sm Purple Dress fold sm

Purple Dress trio sm



Shua did a fantastic job with these illustrations, and we did quite a few poses this session. as someone who has never done yoga, let me confide in you that a full lean onto my knees isn’t exactly comfortable, as floppy as it might look. (i was aiming for languid.)

the lead illustration is the best, as it seems that the body –my body, after a fashion– is comprised of mist, hardly corporeal. the bun is a calligraphed suggestion. only by my forearm have we committed to flesh.

in the fourth illustration, a triptych, you get a sense of the scale. usually Shua’s illustrations are about three feet in height, or so. (by contrast, my illustrations are four or five inches.) lots of extended brush strokes that vary in saturation along their length.

j. crew cardigan (borrowed from the boy)

topshop satin maxi dress (it has short sleeves, but my goodness it’s too cold for that)

miu miu suede peep-toes (you can’t see them)

skinny leather belt, perforated with stars

sorry for the sourpuss expression!


Nick Quick sm



in my spare time, i get to contribute to the fantastic street style blog Chicago Looks. this is Nick, who works at the Museum of Contemporary Art. every time i see him, he looks smashing. it’s just comes naturally to him. the following photo was first published on Isa Giallorenzo’s site — go there to read Nick’s great little interview and see details of his outfit.

photo 2

thanks Shua and Isa! i love collaborating with you guys!

rachel in gold


MetallicFloralPants sm copy


moron stroke: i forgot to take a photograph of the ever-camera-ready-Rizzo-Ford. we’ve got the two illustrations, one from me and one from Shua, but while Rachel was holding her pose it didn’t occur to me to reach for my iphone.

still, you get the idea. i layered my illustration between the Miu Miu gold leather jacket and the brocade Miu Miu trousers. the trousers don’t fit me anymore, and i basically bought them with too much wishful thinking.

Rizzo made a great model and she could hold her pose, no problem, and though this isn’t her everyday style, she pulls it off it with totally authenticity.

muses and friends : gábor

GaborJacket sm copy

g leather

g jakcet2


gábor’s look is inspired by kanye. i’m not even going to joke about it. he is wearing my leather mini-kilt. also a sheer pleated blouse, to maximize the layer count. there is a lot of leather going on, actually: the levi’s jacket, the balmain skinnies, the patent doc martens, and the aforementioned kilt. (i swear it’s not a fetish!) he’s also got on a antique silver vial necklace.

anyway, you get two illustrations — lucky you! note the different approaches Shua and i take to rendering leather. watercolor vs. pentel marker. sorry i didn’t allot proper space to fit the boots.

nothing else matters anymore

FashionIllCrowAZ031 sm copy 20130413_162557

pre-hallowe’en bones. i love that skeleton pants really work for all year. just a really easy outfit for kicking around the neighborhood and running for groceries. i don’t drink enough to get hangovers, but it’s kind of a hungover-sunday look.

gray vintage varsity windbreaker

Nothing Else Matters Anymore t-shirt by Dead Bury Dead

skeleton leggings from Topshop

blue platform monkstrap creepers from Urban Outfitters

beach bouclé bingo

FashionIllCrowAZ028 sm copy20130504_204102


i’m sorry. my titles are the worst. i’m going to start cribbing from the bottom of essie bottles. that would be an upgrade, right?

this would be a great outfit to wear to work, and i did love it last year. however, we now have a policy in place where i’m not allowed to wear shorts. and i Did think it was the perfect mix of michigan avenue betch and 18th street beach. the bouclé is so… so… Tulum. it looks like frothy surf on white sand.

if #latergram means anything to you, i admit that this outfit was from a few weeks back. today it’s yom kippur (kol neidre) and i’m certainly not wearing this to synagogue. i also am aware that it is a sin to write on yom kippur (unless it is to save a life) but i hope that won’t weigh too heavily against me. especially since, you know, i’m dating a goy and stuff.


Zara bouclé jacket, rag & bone silk tank, H&M tattered shorts, Alexander Wang patent heels, vintage tassel necklace.

the book i’m reading is about Serge Gainsbourg, homme, mythe, légende. it’s juicy.

l’shanah tovah everybody!

guess? again

guess? and HMjacket illusguess? and HMjacket foto

okay, so i decided to push the envelope. the argument herein, dear reader, is that a washed-out, 90s, stretchy, denim pencil skirt from Guess? can be very elegant indeed if you lend it stiletto heels, (the stiletto part MUST be gold) a drapey silk blouse, and a smart, fitted jacket.

kept the kneehighs.

amirite or amirite?


FashionIllCrowAZ033 sm copy


plum jacket leggings illus detail


this is the direction i want to move with my wardrobe. less messy, more louche. even though everything i’m wearing is cheap, it adds up to a visual wealth. the plum jacket, with it’s fit and flare waist and discreet zippers, is a Lanvin rip off. it’s actually too small, but they only had size 2 left at H&M — at least it was only $15 on sale. even the photograph doesn’t convey the “raw silk” treatment of the fabric.

the draped tank actually is mulberry silk, also from H&M, and has been a closet staple for years. it’s lightweight, doesn’t show wear, and the charcoal color is so versatile. the leggings are from Joe’s and i wear them way too much. the d’orsay flats are jenni kayne knockoffs from chinese laundry. the Gucci dolphin belt is the one i wear almost every day. the brooch is actually “too much” as far as i’m concerned, but the pitch-perfect pewter flower i was wearing earlier broke. such is the way of vintage.

i love this look because it is functional, structured, and muted without being stark or boring. it is sensual, sculptural and looks grown-up without being staid or rigid. watch this space for more attempts at this idea.

highlander VS. Game of Thrones

highlander:GoT1 highlander:GoT 3 highlander:GoT2 highlander:GoT foto

after work today i’m meeting up with friends to communally watch Game of Thrones. the first episode of the third season didn’t bowl me over, but it was a relief to get back to the storyline, after a long chicago winter. enjoying the show with old friends and new enhances the experience. if i were home alone (where i haven’t got cable anyway) i wouldn’t have anyone to fist pump with when dragons show up on screen, or any hands to squeeze when arya does something particularly brave or foolish.

er, and i’m bringing home-made pvc-and-foamcore swords to the party. not the excalibur sword in the picture, which is heavy steel and could kill somebody.

i wonder if people were anywhere near as excited about Highlander, when it was on tv, or star trek. i remember watching The Next Generation with my uncle; i watched Deep Space Nine and Voyager with my dad. is it the internet that has made watching a tv show such a feverish event? or was there an equivalent in the 60s, where you could convince all your friends to get together every  sunday night, for a whole season?

a game of fire and ice

Blue Skirt Red Shoes smice blue vintage fotovintage blue dressice blue twinset foto


just kidding with that Game of Thrones reference. i’ll have to follow this up with a legit GoT post. this outfit looks way more MadMen. the title is in regard to the color of the suit — ice blue — and the flaming crimson of the Miu Miu courts. (what a fantastic color combination. too bad the lighting doesn’t do it justice.) my Botkier purse is also in on the game, a frosty, pearlescent leather. again, the Dior belt, and a deconstructed pearl necklace. there is a bit of a Jackie O. vibe with the red, white, and blue; this syncs up with the era of the garment, and the ladylike accessories.

the hand-made suit was a hand-me-down from my friend Mara, who bought it back in the early 1960s. the label is Teal Traina and the seams are beautiful. most contemporary garments — even the most expensive — often have slightly puckered seams, something at which my seamstress grandmother scoffed. (it really gives you a complex, because you’re looking at Lanvin or Gucci in a magazine and oh-my-goodness the seams aren’t perfect.) the pocket, set cleanly into a fold, is brilliant. the linings are sumptuous. the way the jacket stands out from the body is a little Balenciaga-esque. i don’t quite fill out the bust and that is the only problem.