lilac haze

Cardigan and Skirt sm Purple Dress fold rough sm Purple Dress fold sm

Purple Dress trio sm



Shua did a fantastic job with these illustrations, and we did quite a few poses this session. as someone who has never done yoga, let me confide in you that a full lean onto my knees isn’t exactly comfortable, as floppy as it might look. (i was aiming for languid.)

the lead illustration is the best, as it seems that the body –my body, after a fashion– is comprised of mist, hardly corporeal. the bun is a calligraphed suggestion. only by my forearm have we committed to flesh.

in the fourth illustration, a triptych, you get a sense of the scale. usually Shua’s illustrations are about three feet in height, or so. (by contrast, my illustrations are four or five inches.) lots of extended brush strokes that vary in saturation along their length.

j. crew cardigan (borrowed from the boy)

topshop satin maxi dress (it has short sleeves, but my goodness it’s too cold for that)

miu miu suede peep-toes (you can’t see them)

skinny leather belt, perforated with stars

sorry for the sourpuss expression!

harvest florals

RuffleTops RuffleTop Close sm vera top1


thanksgiving, one of my favorite food-centric holidays, is a few weeks away. (i am not going to get into the political diatribe in this post, but schools need to stop teaching the Thanksgiving pilgrims-and-indians-were-friends myth.) although i probably won’t wear this to my family gathering — and will instead opt for something more covered-up — the ochre and mustard floral print is very much putting me in mind of a thanksgiving wreath. there is a dip to the neckline, but the collar pleats make it also a little ladylike.

blouse by vera wang lavender

vintage button-front skirt (no label)

j. crew tortoiseshell patent courts

cheapie giraffe bracelet

fleur de vert

FashionIllCrowAZ015 sm copy20130504_233748


i am too hungry to even make lame attempts at humor. i am fasting for yom kippur (tonight is neilah) and i am sinning again by writing. you’d think this could wait til tomorrow, wouldn’t you. honestly, i am spending most of my mental energy contemplating my shortcomings and musing on how to be a better person, and make a positive impact on the world, but i just need a little break.

this isn’t even my #ootd. (i’m wearing all black everything, even though some people say that one should wear white for the end of YK.) this here is a little frock from Marc by Marc Jacobs. it’s too big for me, so it’s going back to Buffalo Exchange. it’s a very nice dress,  but i can’t fill it out. (for a minute — the minute in which i bought it — i thought that might not matter.) it’s very ladylike; went prim with the vintage pearls and pewter j. crew maryjanes. that is perhaps a little obvi, but too late! (one time i wore it with a j. crew cardi and i waved my hair. that was cooler, but no pic, so i guess it never happened.)

anyway, i wish everyone celebrated Yom Kippur, because i think it is the most important holiday, and that we, as a poeple, should take sinning and transgressions seriously, but we don’t because there is too much money to be made off of vice. we procrastinate on doing Good Deeds, but run to do evil. and there are so many ways in which we fail, knowingly and unknowingly. i suppose that our society is largely non-religious, because we would be so ashamed and daunted if we ever tried to ascribe to any kind of expectation. religion is so rigid.

but — i know, and this is waaaaay off-topic — i don’t even believe in heaven or hell. those shouldn’t be motivators or threats. there is nothing better than kindness and nothing more abhorrent than cruelty and selfish indifference. it is worthwhile to fast, and consciously go without, and to aspire to beneficence.

i’m thinking about doing to SNAP challenge next week. not sure it’s possible, given that i will be working EXPO CHGO, but it would be one way to start 5774 with mindful action.

gmar chatima tovah!