when does Game of Thrones return?

CapeAndSwordsm copy



answer: in about 96 days

emotional answer: not soon enough!

while closing up shop tonight, one of my favorite coworkers asked me when our rather geeky guilty pleasure comes back on air. i answered “some time in march?” and went on to detail the horrible events of the Red Wedding (which of course, he had already seen) and the disappointment of the season finale (platinum-blonde Khaleesi supported on the shoulders of a thousand brown people that she had quasi-pseudo “liberated”).

having not read the books (besides the first, which convinced me that the HBO show is in fact a better production than the books) i do not know what to expect from Season 4, and i’m very curious to see how the show will move on without Catelyn and Robb Stark, and with the other principals wandering ever farther apart. To think that Jon was so close to Bran, just outside the mill, without there being a reconciliation!

the outfit of this post is a medieval costume that got a lot of use while i was interested in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) reenactments. it’s a dense cotton velvet in alternating panes of burgundy and midnight, with braided gold trim. it is lined, but does not have a label, which leads me to believe that it was a much-beloved home-sewn costume.

i could not find my old torque, so i accessorized with a vintage brass and pearl medallion. the closest thing i had to appropriate shoes were Marc Jacobs driving mocs, which suggest something of a Saracen influence — i’m alluding to the European presence in the Arab world during the various Crusades. (a lot was improved in european culture based on what they learned about during the crusades, e.g. cotton, paper, chess, coffee, and lemons, spices, medicine, and math.)

the other accessories are my sword, which is a Spanish steel Excalibur replica, and my hooded velvet cape. my grandma Helen made the cape for me when i was 12. i was wild to have one, and i still love capes — the longer the better. (she had been a seamstress for the Russian Army during the second world war.) the fur shoulder piece is a vintage, rabbit, and removable. braids, because that is the one thing that every female character of GoT has in common.

Shua’s illustration is great because if you imagine the background is forest green, stone gray, or frigid white, it could easily be a character sketch for the show.

rachel in gold


MetallicFloralPants sm copy


moron stroke: i forgot to take a photograph of the ever-camera-ready-Rizzo-Ford. we’ve got the two illustrations, one from me and one from Shua, but while Rachel was holding her pose it didn’t occur to me to reach for my iphone.

still, you get the idea. i layered my illustration between the Miu Miu gold leather jacket and the brocade Miu Miu trousers. the trousers don’t fit me anymore, and i basically bought them with too much wishful thinking.

Rizzo made a great model and she could hold her pose, no problem, and though this isn’t her everyday style, she pulls it off it with totally authenticity.

golden stars in a darkling sky

Blue Sari Sitting smBlue Sari sm


this isn’t a dress, per se. the sari is a misprinted length found for cheap on Devon, and usually it is hanging as a canopy above my bed. (which makes for a wonderful, starry effect.)


back in the fall of 2009, dries van noten showed a piece on his Spring 2010 runway that was a sari, but tied and gathered in a nontraditional way.


here are some traditional sari styles, but i would feel like a terrible white person if i tried to jack this look. somehow it seems less co-opting to just appreciate the fabric for its beauty, and use it to an unexpected end. that aim made the DVN dress look so unique and fresh. there were other dresses on his runway that used sari fabric and wrapping, but with a european/deconstructivist approach.

because i will never be able to find or afford the DVN dress, and it has haunted me all these years, i attempted to recreate the effect myself. i used a Behnaz Sarafpour X Target prom dress as a base, and pinned the sari fabric to it, twisting and folding the length of it. even working carefully, the final effect is still sloppy, but you can see all the great elements of the material: the royal blue color, the stars, the gold-banded edges, the luxurious length, and the silky weight of the fabric.

thrown into the mix: champagne gucci peeptoes and a yellow rhinestone necklace.

i really wish comments worked on my blog, so that we could talk about this. even if i’m wrong as fuck and i’ll never be anything but a dumb white person with hopeful intentions and mixed-up methods.

p4k 2013 day 2, inducing whiplash

FashionIllCrowAZ037 sm


vintage pink brocade kimono from Jet Rag in LA, white silk ecoté tee, 3.1 Phillip Lim cuffed shorts, vintage rosette earrings, white H&M wedges

az p4k2013-SidewalkHustle

az p4k2013-SidewalkHustle2


fashionmagazine.com p4k2013-Alanna

Pitchfork 2013


on the second day of pitchfork, i really went for it. nothing was trendy, exactly, but there was some flashbulb-bait involved. if you were going to play festival streetstyle bingo, the card would need squares for Crazy Sunglasses, Kimono, Fun Purse, and Seapunk Hair. (probably also Cowboy Boots, Booty Shorts, and Parasol, etc.)

because i haven’t figured out how to do links — which is really  poor manners on my part — i put the html underneath the respective photographs… except for the Chicago Tribune page. having our picture taken by Justin Barbin was a treat. he is adorable and super-friendly.

for the outfit, there are a few differences between the illustrated version and the festival photographs, based on practical decisions: karen walker fluoro sunnies, no earrings, (hello, navigating drunken crowds, clips will fall off) By Phillippe triple triangle necklace, chinese laundry d’orsay flats, and my alexander wang crossbody.

also, because i am a terrible person, i dressed my boyfriend. head to toe, everything he is wearing is mine, but because i dress like a garçonne, and because he is so beautiful, he looked quite natural. he was even shot for the FreePeople blog on his own. To quote the FP journalist, “This was my favorite look of all. So casual, so fashionable. White and navy and done!”

Gábor is wearing an H&M blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim drawstring trousers, and Chelsea Crew wingtips. The jewelry is vintage

Pitchfork-festival-fashion-boys-9 Pitchfork-festival-fashion-boy-necklace

Source: Pitchfork Festival Fashion: The Boys! | Free People Blog http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/07/pitchfork-festival-fashion-boys/#ixzz2hutp75HE

medusa head on me like i’m ‘luminati

FashionIllCrowAZ008 sm copy IMG_1748IMG_0819


like the Migos song.

here’s some extreme high-low. versace belt with forever21 maxi dress. it’s sheer fluoro-honeydew color. kinbaku heels from topshop.

Shua really does his fashion illustration job when my face is doing something like that. what’s going on, face?

as of press time, i have already given away the dress. to quote a different great song of this summer: “rock forever21 but just turned 30” — that’s not gonna be me.

virgin queen by Dzine





august 3


today i got a free manicure at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their Homebodies exhibit. Dzine (government name Carlos Rolon) crafts “nail junk” and incorporates the tiny sculptures into ornate artwork for the finger. as part of the Homebodies exhibit, Rolon recreated his childhood living room, out of which his mother ran a business. it’s called Imperial Nail Salon, and it’s an installation piece that becomes interactive on two saturdays a month.

the day on which i scored an appointment, Chicago talent Astrowifey wielded bottles of lacquer, a tray of glue-on jewels, and a selection of pop-art and post-modern talons to create a custom treatment for my lucky fingers. i picked out the most gorgeous and romantic finger jewelry on the table, but i’ve included a few pics of the other excellent pieces i passed up.

even though i’m far from catholic, i loved the glossy rosary beads linking my ring finger to my pinkie. the bronze rose weighed a ton, but i felt like a virgin queen with pearls and crystals glued to every finger. the only challenge of this look was going directly to work afterwards, but i managed to get through the day …with a little extra style and grace.

chambray three way

ChambrayThreeWays sm IMG_0673



levi’s chambray shirt jacked from my dude’s closet. it’s bleached in spots and frayed at the sleeve and hem, but that makes it way better. the denim is super soft and breezy. sometimes i object to the americana aesthetic, but in this case, it’s so natural and easy and individualistic.

i feel like the words “individualistic” and “unique” get thrown around a lot, in relation to US jingoism and the marketing of denim, but somehow the estimation feels authentic. i’ve borrowed (read: stolen) a lot of jeans from boyfriends over the years, and the way they fit is always idiosyncratic to them. threadbare in certain spots, sagging in others, stained from use or paled from washing, the habits are embedded in a garment of such frequent use. carrying a cel phone or a pack of cigarettes in the back pocket will leave a certain imprint. the height of their knee demarcates the place where the bend to sit or kneel. wearing your partner’s clothes is always intimate, but wearing their jeans is a study in their physical poetry.

accordingly, in the third look, i am wearing Levi’s that were handed-down by an ex-bf. woven platform sandals by Lucky Brand and a vintage crocodile belt. very Texan tux.

the second look involves an H&M leather skirt with a sheer under-layer, a spiked Topshop headband, and Alexander Wang’s “Angela” bag. vintage beater boots, natch.

the first look also utilizes H&M — suede cheekies (barely visible beneath the untucked shirt) — and the Angela bag. the d’Orsay flats are by Chinese Laundry, and a TOTAL RIP of the Jenni Kayne style, but i love them.

i feel like extra credit should be given, for doing a different braid in each look.

common to the three styles is my new perfect necklace from By Phillipe. a little inverted crown, in light-weight gold, even though i’ve never appreciated yellow jewelry before. very optimistic and very summer.

high priestess

Square Pattern Top Black



Cynthia Vincent for Barneys New York (gathered and draped silk with gold Egyptian motif)

H&M pencil skirt with leather insets

shoedazzle pumps

Ethiopian silver collar that my mom got back in the 70s

(i’m using my arms to sort of mimic that Grecian wave pattern)

worth noting that Shua re-interpreted the pattern — that’s how fashion illustration goes.

the body beneath

rag and bone sheer2 rag and bone sheer pic rag and bone sheer1

the shirt in the first look is by Timing, which is to say an obscure sweatshop label. i found it at the thrift store, but it could be from Rainbo or a small boutique. it’s trendy, but not garishly so; sheer, but not obscenely revealing.

the wide-leg wool trousers are rag & bone, and are beautifully cut – especially in the seat and hips, which is the best way to contrast against the volume.

in the second look, the t-shirt in made of a thin gray cotton blend, gathered and knotted in the center. it isn’t terribly uncomfortable, but as the wearer, you perceive an unusual gravity bumping against your sternum. i love knotted and draped things, but this piece isn’t particularly flattering on me.

the shoes are by ShoeDazzle, which seems to be a successful enterprise based on selling cheaply-made clubbing shoes to a consumer who isn’t overly particular about quality of workmanship, materials, or even exercising personal taste. (the idea is that you fill out a survey, and the warehouse sends you one pair every month.) i found this pair – a pointy-toe, black, flocked texture with a metallic gold spike heel – at the secondhand store, so i don’t feel bad.

my mom bought the filigreed silver bangle at a craft fair before i was born. i guess it counts as vintage.

if i wasn’t dead-set on wearing skinny pants all the time, this is a silhouette i’d lean toward. it seems very grown up but still body-conscious.


leather and lace

miu miu jacket miu miu jacket2 miu miu jacket photo

this gold jacket is insane and i love it, but i extra-love the style of short brushstrokes that Josh used to build the figure. it’s not cubist, but i’m not sure what to call it. the pure colors, all distributed in commas and exclamation points, are so kinetic!

gold leather miu miu jacket

green floral print topshop blouse

bcbg max azria wool and patent leather bow heels

h&m tweed and lace skirt

vintage ball beads necklace