hothouse flower






hiiii lovies! i’ve got Isa back on the blog. she’s wearing something that doesn’t really jibe with the current weather (which conspires to keep us all home and in bed) but it would be perfectly fresh and festive for a new years eve party. (although, Isa, if you’re reading this, please weigh in! what ARE you planning to wear for NYE parties this year?)

even though these aren’t colors i typically wear, i find this outfit absolutely enchanting and charming, and very in line with Isa’s  buoyant personality. i think the blouse is Prabal Gurung X Target, and i love the sheer black panels. the simple cut lets the florals shine, but the garment isn’t overdesigned. the knife-pleated magenta skirt is a vibrant contrast with the limes and emeralds in the blouse. her sandals black and white, have a really cool angular design, with a turned heel and am ankle strap. the black and white acts as a tonic against the tropical palette.

there’s also some great accessories going on, in terms of lilac glasses and a shocking pink rubber watch. Isa’s high-piled hair reveals her purple cluster earrings. overall, the look is balanced — no need for a belt or cocktail rings.

in terms of the illustrations, Shua’s aims for a calm, quiet elegance. we included a photo with slightly more detail so you could see the quality of his lines. my illustration is somewhat out of focus, but you can still see that i was wowed by the energy of the colors. there’s a daisy de villenueve thing going on, with lots of attitude and angles.

rachel in gold


MetallicFloralPants sm copy


moron stroke: i forgot to take a photograph of the ever-camera-ready-Rizzo-Ford. we’ve got the two illustrations, one from me and one from Shua, but while Rachel was holding her pose it didn’t occur to me to reach for my iphone.

still, you get the idea. i layered my illustration between the Miu Miu gold leather jacket and the brocade Miu Miu trousers. the trousers don’t fit me anymore, and i basically bought them with too much wishful thinking.

Rizzo made a great model and she could hold her pose, no problem, and though this isn’t her everyday style, she pulls it off it with totally authenticity.

from the fitting room

Green Nord Dress sm christopher kane dressing room

reporting from the Nordstrom Rack fitting room, i am in love with this Christopher Kane dress. it’s a size 12, and i’m a size 4, but what of it? it looks kind of great sitting away from the body, instead of hugging my frame. it’s made of holographic celadon brocade, with knife pleats and origami folds, and it’s the only one on the rack. it’s also over $600, marked down from about $3000. even at that kind of discount, i cannot afford it. so here we are, being mildly ratchet and going the mirror-selfie route.

thank you Shua for getting back to me with a lovely illustration. and thank goodness for cel phones, which let me keep the memory, if not the dress.

harvest florals

RuffleTops RuffleTop Close sm vera top1


thanksgiving, one of my favorite food-centric holidays, is a few weeks away. (i am not going to get into the political diatribe in this post, but schools need to stop teaching the Thanksgiving pilgrims-and-indians-were-friends myth.) although i probably won’t wear this to my family gathering — and will instead opt for something more covered-up — the ochre and mustard floral print is very much putting me in mind of a thanksgiving wreath. there is a dip to the neckline, but the collar pleats make it also a little ladylike.

blouse by vera wang lavender

vintage button-front skirt (no label)

j. crew tortoiseshell patent courts

cheapie giraffe bracelet

pitchfork day 3, eating ice cream street style


az p4k



clearly, by pitchfork day 3, i was not caring so much. even though this is the only outfit element that i bought at Buffalo Exchange and thought, “festival season here i come” it is actually pretty chill. it’s vintage, sure, but it’s essentially a beaded tee shirt. summer shorts (Joe’s) and some clear, plastic sandals (Vogue, through Urban Outfitters) and boom. the sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs and the bag is a repeat [Alexander Wang].

a bunch of roving photographers snapped pictures of the shoes or the purse, but i haven’t bothered to track down every blog. i thought that being shot for Chicago Magazine was pretty nice. i was also shot by Teen Vogue — and i did search that — but maybe i looked too old or un-trendy. not concerned. every day there were a bunch of folks that took my picture without permission; other asked my permission but had no credentials — it’s all good. we are at the fest to look and listen, otherwise we could stay home and make the most of our headphones. certainly though, everything sounds better while savoring an ice cream cone.

the last picture is courtesy of GlitterGuts, a local photobooth-and-party outfit run by my roommate and hometown hero, Eric Lab Rat. he had organized an afterparty at Beauty Bar that night, the umpteenth iteration of R. Kelly Bump n’ Grindcore. though we were footsore, G (yes, he’s wearing my tee shirt and black studded rings) and i made it by for a little extra dancing. the GlitterGuts R. Kelly party is always good vibes. the picture that Eric shot is my favorite of the whole weekend — it’s the one in which i look happiest and feel most beautiful.

p4k 2013 day 2, inducing whiplash

FashionIllCrowAZ037 sm


vintage pink brocade kimono from Jet Rag in LA, white silk ecoté tee, 3.1 Phillip Lim cuffed shorts, vintage rosette earrings, white H&M wedges

az p4k2013-SidewalkHustle

az p4k2013-SidewalkHustle2 p4k2013-Alanna

Pitchfork 2013


on the second day of pitchfork, i really went for it. nothing was trendy, exactly, but there was some flashbulb-bait involved. if you were going to play festival streetstyle bingo, the card would need squares for Crazy Sunglasses, Kimono, Fun Purse, and Seapunk Hair. (probably also Cowboy Boots, Booty Shorts, and Parasol, etc.)

because i haven’t figured out how to do links — which is really  poor manners on my part — i put the html underneath the respective photographs… except for the Chicago Tribune page. having our picture taken by Justin Barbin was a treat. he is adorable and super-friendly.

for the outfit, there are a few differences between the illustrated version and the festival photographs, based on practical decisions: karen walker fluoro sunnies, no earrings, (hello, navigating drunken crowds, clips will fall off) By Phillippe triple triangle necklace, chinese laundry d’orsay flats, and my alexander wang crossbody.

also, because i am a terrible person, i dressed my boyfriend. head to toe, everything he is wearing is mine, but because i dress like a garçonne, and because he is so beautiful, he looked quite natural. he was even shot for the FreePeople blog on his own. To quote the FP journalist, “This was my favorite look of all. So casual, so fashionable. White and navy and done!”

Gábor is wearing an H&M blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim drawstring trousers, and Chelsea Crew wingtips. The jewelry is vintage

Pitchfork-festival-fashion-boys-9 Pitchfork-festival-fashion-boy-necklace

Source: Pitchfork Festival Fashion: The Boys! | Free People Blog

fleur de vert

FashionIllCrowAZ015 sm copy20130504_233748


i am too hungry to even make lame attempts at humor. i am fasting for yom kippur (tonight is neilah) and i am sinning again by writing. you’d think this could wait til tomorrow, wouldn’t you. honestly, i am spending most of my mental energy contemplating my shortcomings and musing on how to be a better person, and make a positive impact on the world, but i just need a little break.

this isn’t even my #ootd. (i’m wearing all black everything, even though some people say that one should wear white for the end of YK.) this here is a little frock from Marc by Marc Jacobs. it’s too big for me, so it’s going back to Buffalo Exchange. it’s a very nice dress,  but i can’t fill it out. (for a minute — the minute in which i bought it — i thought that might not matter.) it’s very ladylike; went prim with the vintage pearls and pewter j. crew maryjanes. that is perhaps a little obvi, but too late! (one time i wore it with a j. crew cardi and i waved my hair. that was cooler, but no pic, so i guess it never happened.)

anyway, i wish everyone celebrated Yom Kippur, because i think it is the most important holiday, and that we, as a poeple, should take sinning and transgressions seriously, but we don’t because there is too much money to be made off of vice. we procrastinate on doing Good Deeds, but run to do evil. and there are so many ways in which we fail, knowingly and unknowingly. i suppose that our society is largely non-religious, because we would be so ashamed and daunted if we ever tried to ascribe to any kind of expectation. religion is so rigid.

but — i know, and this is waaaaay off-topic — i don’t even believe in heaven or hell. those shouldn’t be motivators or threats. there is nothing better than kindness and nothing more abhorrent than cruelty and selfish indifference. it is worthwhile to fast, and consciously go without, and to aspire to beneficence.

i’m thinking about doing to SNAP challenge next week. not sure it’s possible, given that i will be working EXPO CHGO, but it would be one way to start 5774 with mindful action.

gmar chatima tovah!

virgin queen by Dzine





august 3


today i got a free manicure at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their Homebodies exhibit. Dzine (government name Carlos Rolon) crafts “nail junk” and incorporates the tiny sculptures into ornate artwork for the finger. as part of the Homebodies exhibit, Rolon recreated his childhood living room, out of which his mother ran a business. it’s called Imperial Nail Salon, and it’s an installation piece that becomes interactive on two saturdays a month.

the day on which i scored an appointment, Chicago talent Astrowifey wielded bottles of lacquer, a tray of glue-on jewels, and a selection of pop-art and post-modern talons to create a custom treatment for my lucky fingers. i picked out the most gorgeous and romantic finger jewelry on the table, but i’ve included a few pics of the other excellent pieces i passed up.

even though i’m far from catholic, i loved the glossy rosary beads linking my ring finger to my pinkie. the bronze rose weighed a ton, but i felt like a virgin queen with pearls and crystals glued to every finger. the only challenge of this look was going directly to work afterwards, but i managed to get through the day …with a little extra style and grace.

leather and lace

miu miu jacket miu miu jacket2 miu miu jacket photo

this gold jacket is insane and i love it, but i extra-love the style of short brushstrokes that Josh used to build the figure. it’s not cubist, but i’m not sure what to call it. the pure colors, all distributed in commas and exclamation points, are so kinetic!

gold leather miu miu jacket

green floral print topshop blouse

bcbg max azria wool and patent leather bow heels

h&m tweed and lace skirt

vintage ball beads necklace