vintage pink

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d+B purse

as seen in my Pitchfork Day 1 post from earlier this year, here again is my vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. i’ve never been into their logo-tastic phase, but this vintage edition is so charming, especially in soft baby pink leather. the adjustable belt handles and the goldtone fob are a great touch. (my friend Rita also has a vintage Dooney&Bourke bag that is just to die for. it has the hugest tooled medallion i have ever seen.)

Shua and i agreed that this very special handbag deserved a post of its own, so here we are. one of the great things about it was finding it randomly at the Village Discount on Roscoe, before brunch at Victory’s Banner. i don’t usually find anything so covetable there, at least not lately, what with all the Buffalo Exchanges and Crossroads and Etsy and various online resale sites.

honestly, though, i need to find a better home for it, because i never carry this extra-adorable purse. it’s just too girly for me, but it is so well made it’s impossible to give away. (that’s just me being selfish.)

how to turn heads at Pitchfork Fest 2013, day 1

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hiiiiii! this is a post i’ve been meaning to do for a long time. pitchfork fest was about three months ago! clearly, i’m not cut out for journalism. certainly, i’m not even going to talk about whatever bands i heard play that day….except Bjork, who surpasses the hype and is incredible and wonderful and it was such a treat to see her. that storm clouds called for an evacuation of the grounds still breaks my heart. Bjork is probably the most special performer i’ve ever seen at pitchfork, and hopefully she’ll return to chicago in the near future. i would link to video of her performance if i knew how to do that on wordpress.

anyway, more about me. based on the past couple years of festivals and media, i am absolutely aware that style bloggers and music journalists and personal tumblr-types are wandering the fairgrounds. each day of the fest, i was shot many times…. which does not necessarily mean that my outfit will get published on the internets. the cutting room floor is probably quite familiar with my face. still and all, there i am [in the top photo] with my phenomenal, delightful boyfriend, eating frozen kefir. (the icy treat was free, therefore i ate it every day.)

the dress itself is a vintage piece that aims for a jane birkin vibe. way, way back, i did an ode to her consistent love of white minidresses. i also did a post on this white lace dress, in its original, floor-length form. the morning of the fest, i very carefully — with a seam-ripper — detatched the section that fell below my thigh area. (to be blunt, the resulting garment was short enough that my brains could nearly have fallen out.) because i am not Sky Ferreira, (never have been, never will be, never wanted to be) a set a white undergarment, in grandma proportions, were involved.

so, beater boots to balance that out.

in retrospect, i realize that the dress would have been much more harmonious (and perhaps more bloggable) if paired with mist-colored lace up boots from Hasbeens and a highly-collectible, vintage, barely-pink Dooney & Bourkey bag. the pale accessories trend would be complete with nacreous frames.

there’s always next year.