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h&m peplum set h&m peplum set2 H&M peplum set foto

sets are one of my favorite recent trends in fashion. i love suits – always have – but they are often unattainably expensive and unflattering. why are men’s suits simple and clean-tailored, while women’s suits have all kind of dumb bells and whistles and ironic details? my ideal suit would be skinny and straight without goddamn flared trousers or buttons on the pocket or dramatized lapels. skip the peplum, the “sexy” grosgrain trim, the puff at the shoulder. if i can’t look like an assassin or NIck Cave, what’s the point?

anyway, that totally counts as a tangent. i’m not wearing a suit or even shopping for one. i’ll do a post soon about my fantasy suits. i think this little combo is great and i have picked up a passel of similar tweed pieces at H&M in the last year. peplums are dumb but this is the only one in my closet, and it’s subdued. the longer arm on the top would be flattering even if i was older and didn’t have firm upper-arms. the knee is set-in, which, over time, will keep them from bagging — a very thoughtful detail, especially considering that it’s from H&M.

paired it up with Miu Miu heels and a vintage Dior belt. just going to show that elevated accessories are a smart investment.

h&m set

vintage dior belt

miu miu pumps