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apologies for the bitchface. taking selfies is tricky, and my canon elph powershot (bought in 2010) takes worse photos than my iphone, at least on self-timer. (maybe it’s more like focus-face.) i am not yet ready to resort to asking my boyf to handle to “fashion photography” end of style-blogging, because feel sympathetic for all the dudes out there working pro bono for their vain girlfriends.

chicago is freaking cold tonight, but it was even worse yesterday, when we hit the record low temp of the past 20 years. #chiberia. as cold as the surface of mars. colder than the south pole. (to think that toronto and minnesota had it worse…!)

trying to keep it around 70 degrees in here, but flogging the thermostat. i heard that ComEd issued a request that folks use Less energy, because we — as a city — are already hitting maximum usage for the year. i also heard that pipes burst all over the city. i haven’t left the house in three days, but i’ve still got on a long sleeve tee, a leather button-up, and a cashmere sweater, with tights under my jeans, and boot socks over my tights. (everything thrifted or hand-me-down, of course.) stocking cap on, and feeling grateful for my weather-secure glass and hot shower. grateful i can afford to pay the bills, and that my dude will come home after his day at work, bearing groceries.

the cta (chicago transit authority, ie. the bus and train system) has been letting homeless folks ride continuously, and for free, during the extreme cold. shelters and warming stations around the city have been told to turn no one away. people will still die tonight, and died last night, and the night before, of the -50 windchill.

the privileged are throwing pots of boiling water into the air, to play at instant-artificial snow experiments. some are running into the street in shorts and a t-shirt, taking a selfie, and running back into their cozy apartments to post on facebook at their leisure. the “poetic” are blowing bubbles and watching the rainbow orbs turn into frosted globes within seconds.

in pilsen, the sidewalks are shoveled as best as can be hoped. in logan square, on saturday, the boulevards were impassable. (is it all about who owns property? who takes responsibility for the common walkways?)

some friends slept on the couch sunday night, and i entertained them with crafts and cooked for them on monday. i was glad to have more people make use of the heat in my house. my roommate is out of town, and i wish there was a way that i could invite more people into my home, safely, to give them shelter and better rationalize the use of gas.

maybe that bitchface does have a reason.

i need to thrift less and send more money to the greater chicago food depository.

stocking cap

h&m zipper cardigan

DVF silk slip

dries van noten sequin flower skirt

celine heeled loafers

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  1. Stylish and conscious, what else can one ask? Thrift away, you’re golden! PS: On the subject of #chiberia/dibs: Paul read this on his Facebook: a lady got sick of dibs on her block, shoveled THE WHOLE STREET, took a picture and proudly tweeted it. No reason for dibs over there. Another one with a darker sense of humor SOLD the chairs used for dibs on Craigslist! Gotta love this town…

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